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Living Room Envy

Now that the semester is finally over (only 1 more to go) I can focus on doing the things I enjoy, like revamping my house. Whenever I see rooms I lust over I get tempted to buy new things that I can't afford in order to achieve similar looks. After browsing I came across some amazing living rooms, so of course now I'm scouring the Internet for new items to add to my living room.

Etsy Round Up - Just Born Crochet

I love the little headbands that are out there for baby girls, but since I am having a boy, that clearly won't work out as well. So I have become a little obsessed with hats. I received 2 great hats today from an seller Just Born Crochet. They are very adorable and I can not wait to take pictures of Charlie in these hats. I highly recommend this seller and will be purchasing from here again.
Sorry for the cellphone quality picture.

I did an Etsy round up of some of my favorites from Just Born Crochet, for both girls and boys. You should definitely check out the store, there are a TON of options!

All images are from Just Born Crochet

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Healthy Meals

Even before I was pregnant I was trying to eat healthier and work out more. But the whole getting sick thing sorta threw me off course. Now finally at 24 weeks, I am feeling better. So I have an appetite again and have been looking for new, mostly healthy meals. Linking up to the Vintage Apple for today's food pinspirations.

I apologize now if this makes you hungry.

I made the last pin tonight, banana ice cream. So easy and good. Pretty much freeze a banana and then put it through the food processor. So good and simple!

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Charlie's Room

I am finally ready to reveal the design board for Charlie's room.. I have a few of the items on the board already while other things are not on the board like the hard wood flooring and the white rocking chair we already have in the room. I also got inspiration for a chalkboard from the below picture..

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Picture Practice

I have been working on my photography a lot more and have started to shoot in manual mode. I am really trying to get out the kinks before the baby comes. I have been searching the blog world for other mom photographers to get inspiration. One of my favorite sites right now is Clickin Moms. They have loads of info and inspiration to use and a community of others who are looking to do the same that I am.
So until my little bambino comes, I continue to work with the people I do have..

I am still trying to find my shooting style and what kinds of pictures I want the final outcome to be. I just started using Photoshop Elements 11 and I also use Snapseed. If anyone has any other website suggestions to learn more about photography please let me know!

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DIY Burlap Place Mats

I have this weird obsession with place mats and napkins for the table and changing them out every season. I usually end up buying new ones each season. Easy way to change up the decor. I also don't let people use the cloth napkins, they are purely decorative to me.

I wanted to try my hand at making my own place mats out of burlap fabric, which was pretty easy and inexpensive. Now I don't sew, so I just cut down the fabric to the size I wanted and folded over the ends to make it a clean cut and used hot glue to keep the ends in place.

Once the mats were made, using my Silhouette Cameo, I made stencils for the words I wanted to paint on.

Simply enough right? Lets see how long I keep these ones before I change them again.
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Black, White, & Grey Design Board

I seriously can not wait for Spring 2013. I'll have my little man here and I will finally be done with school. This semester is by far the hardest because I am taking so many classes. It will all be worth it soon...
Anyways, here is another design board I completed a few weeks ago for a friend. I did a couple. The last one I showed you about 2 weeks ago for the yellow & grey design board. She ultimately went with this one & it is my personal favorite as well. Mostly because I am extremely jealous of anyone who can have an all white bed set. Unfortunately with my husband and dogs, it is not possible. :(
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Yellow & Grey Design Board

Somewhere between work, school, and preparing (obsessing) for this baby, I have managed to take the time to work on a design project for a friend. She asked for 3 different types of boards. The first I am going to show you is the yellow & grey room.
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